Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ProComm Hospitality Services

Communications is the Key to any successful Hotel or Motel.  Reliability, cost effectiveness, aesthetics & customer support are among the many things to consider when deciding which company or product to use.  Will the company you choose be there with you from the design phase to your grand opening? Will they help determine the products and design that will best fit YOUR Hotel needs as well as your budget?

ProComm is a recognized leader in the design & implementation of voice and data services and solutions across the United States. We’re an authorized AT&T agent, Avaya Business Partner and NextLan certified company. We have the means to be your service provider, install your low voltage cabling systems, provide a Phone System to your needs, provide your video surveillance system as well as your audio/video systems. We’re your one stop shop so to speak. Why bring in a cabling vendor, a phone system vendor, a network vendor, an audio vendor, and a video surveillance vendor into your hotel? Have ProComm handle it all for you.

ProComm is a licensed low-voltage contractor and we have a team of installers that can correctly & efficiently install all of your hotels low voltage and communication needs

See more at www.ProCommWS.com

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